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Welcome to the TotallyADD Blog.

“I Know What I Need to Do, but I Just Don’t Do It”

Using CBT to Turn Intentions Into Action for Adults with ADHD.

Most adults with ADHD who seek out treatment are very familiar with the recommended coping suggestions for managing the problematic effects that ADHD can exact on one’s life, such as using a daily planner, setting up to-do lists, using organizational skills, and the need to deal with procrastination, to name only a few.

The problem with ADHD, however, is that it is not a lack of knowledge about what needs to be done, but rather is complex web of issues that interferes with the implementation of well-designed plans and best intentions.

While medications can be crucially helpful in reducing the core symptoms of ADHD, even effective pharmacotherapy does not necessarily ensure behavior changes in areas of functioning that are central to managing daily affairs and, as importantly, to a sense of overall well-being and personal meaning in one’s life.

This webinar addresses how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), an evidence-supported psychosocial treatment for adult ADHD, has been adapted to the needs of adults with ADHD and continues to evolve to help improve the implementation of coping strategies for managing ADHD, including “manufacturing” motivation, and addressing the negative thoughts and beliefs, and strong emotional reactions that are increasingly understood to be characteristic of ADHD.

The end goal is to help adults with ADHD to be better able to pursue and complete endeavors that they will find personally fulfilling, including both the “have to’s” and the “want to’s” of daily life.

Have You Reached an ADHD Tipping Point?

We all have them…that moment when our usual coping skills fail to help and we feel overwhelmed and unable to manage the daily stressors.

We have a sense that things are no longer ‘going well’ and in fact, life seems to be falling apart in a big way.

Laurie Dupar of Coaching for ADHD calls this an “ADHD tipping point,” when the strategies we had been using to compensate for our ADHD challenges no longer seem to be working.

You Can Dramatically Transform Your Self-Esteem

What is self-esteem? How does it serve us? And how can negative self-esteem exacerbate the challenges of ADHD?

David Giwerc, a Master Certified ADHD Coach , reveals how to understand your personal flavor of ADHD and maximize your unique strengths. These are the traits that others don’t see or acknowledge because they only focus on the negative stuff, because they see you as ‘Broken’. David says, “The real damage happens when you come to believe it too, simply because you don’t fall into society’s particular, limited, standardized expectations.”

Drawing upon recent research and specific examples from his practice, David reveals how cultivating what he calls ‘habits of the heart’ can create a positive self-image and esteem.

The result? A positive self-image that naturally produces more success, personal fulfillment, and well-being. Both for you and the people in your life.

As you discover your natural character and strengths, you automatically unleash your suppressed motivation, energy and focus, allowing you to progress and create a richer, more meaningful life.


For ADHD Awareness Month Rick Green’s guest is himself.

Rick sits down and answers as many of your questions as he can!

ADHD, Single, & Loving It?!

Zoë Kessler, B.A., B.Ed. (Adult Education) Award Winning Author, Journalist, and Speaker, has been described as “Pippi Longstocking all grown up.” Does this sound like a good relationship prospect to you?

Maybe, maybe not. Like Pippi, Kessler has boundless energy and enthusiasm; but also like Pippi, she dances to her own tune, and sometimes sings it out loud. In public.

Kessler talks about the pros and cons of being single with ADHD. How do you handle the typical ADHD challenges of disorganization, forgetfulness, time management, and finances without the help of a loving partner? Does your self-esteem get bolstered or bruised by negotiating a relationship with a non-ADHD spouse?

Perhaps living with ADHD and its perfectionism, hypersensitivity, and innate spontaneity might be well-suited to the solitary life.

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