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Medication For ADHD

Medication for ADHD.  It remains a hot button topic for parents and kids, fodder for scary headline writers, and of course ‘the enemy’ for websites promoting all-natural cures for ADHD.

How do you ‘cure’ ADHD?  I mean it’s not like a wart or cancer where you can see it is there, treat it, and then see that it’s gone.

This is a spectrum disorder.  The symptoms are each on a spectrum of severity.  Heck, everyone loses the car keys now and then.  But at some point the problems with focus, memory, follow-through, restlessness, impulsivity, impatience, etc., etc., reach a level where it’s sabotaging your good intentions and best efforts.

Then it’s time to deal with it.  With tools and strategies that work.

And medication is simply a tool.  One tool of many.

The key message in the first of the 5 part series ADD Medication: Straight Answers to Big Questions is that ADHD Medications are simply another tool.  And for the majority of people who try it, it works.

How do you tell if it works?  Ask them.  In fact, we asked 18 adults to share their stories, which range from “My life began at that moment” to “It interacted with another medication.  I couldn’t function, and I had to stop taking it.”

There are at least 30 doctors and ADHD experts in the five-video series, but they would probably all agree with what Doctor Ari Tuckman said, after he previewed the videos for accuracy.

“As good as it is to have a bunch of experts explaining things, what I found most convincing was the adults with ADHD explaining their own feelings before meds and the difference that meds made for them.  For folks who are on the fence, this will be powerful.  This is a great topic with not enough clear information out there–but lots of unclear or incorrect information abounds.  Well done!  This will be a hit, I’m sure.”

Ari was right.  It’s been so powerful for people who have concerns, fears, and doubts about medication.  I suppose that’s everyone.  Including me at one point.

Have a great week!

October 12, 2017 Rick

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