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57 Responses to “ADD & Loving it?! Trailer”

  1. April R. says:

    I LOVED THESE VIDEOS & The book series! My parents and i saw this show on PBS, and HAD to get it!! This video was SOOOOO helpful. It had put so many things in perspective for me, even things i thought were simply personal attributes/ or setbacks. Buy the series and watch it. Read the books. If you dont feel at least a little bit better about yourself, or feel that the video didnt help you, or no good info was in it – then you were not paying attention. :)
    If you have ADD/ ADHD really bad, do your best to take it a chapter at a time; but i don’t think that should be an issue because the Vids were made FOR ADD people, BY ADD people. I LOVE the people who came out with these videos & Narrarated them. <3

    - Sincerely, and EXTREMELY satisfied customer/ counselor/ college student
    (Any questions? Just ask me.)

  2. AnnaR. says:

    Thank you Patrick for lending your talent and energy to this project. Its nice to see a familiar face when looking into something that has so impacted me and I didn’t even realize. I got here primarily from youtube with the Dr. from’s webinar on ADHD and women.too cool. Thanks again.

  3. outofshell says:

    Is the DVD available for purchase via download, instead of buying a physical DVD? E.g., can you guys get it into the iTunes store, or even on Netflix? DVDs are just more clutter to keep track of.

  4. BryanS7 says:

    I am so thankful I stumbled across it one Sunday morning after my diagnosis – I cried, I laughed, I nodded in recognition and felt understood. Thankfully I have been able to see it from the beginning – and cried and laughed and nodded. . . as I have in the 5 or more times I have rewatched. Thank you Rick and Patrick and . . . and . . . and. I find myself really trusting the information because of all the Dr.s in it and giving credence to those Dr.s because they are in it. A logical circle I know, but they sure hit the nail on the head.

  5. KI6WBH says:

    I first saw it on PBS then got it on dvd and it dident hit me untill i wached the dvd verson (5th time waching the content) that the reson that it was not sinking in all the way is that it was choped up by a plege drive i was waching with my famly when i burst out laffing at that thought
    also about the post it’s ive brainstormed for projects in the same maner. as well as bying a cellphone with a post it app.!

  6. marlenah980 says:

    I originally saw this on PBS and I have to say, it’s opened my mind. a little. Thanks for making it.

  7. skeeterart says:

    I really wanted to watch the movie but PBS has messed up (TWICE now) the televised event. One time the show went to Black screen for the last hour and another time they had the show miss-timed again and the Money show with Susan what’s her name came on. It cut off the show in the SAME EXACT SPOT!!! You can only imagine what THAT does to a guy with AD/HD and I scored 17 out of 18 questions as a YES on the test! lol I’m actually get a lot out of your tips area though. Is it possible to BUY the documentary?

  8. kmccathran says:

    This program helped me, and my husband (to deal with me) immensely. I’ve had A.D.H.D. my whole life, but wasn’t officially diagnosed until last year. I’ve never done any research to figure out how to mange it, this video gave me MANY tools that will help.