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ADHD Awareness Month 2019

ADHD Awareness Month

Awareness Month?! I’m celebrating ADHD Awareness Minute. Cause I have ADHD.

What are the subtypes of ADHD?

What are the adult Symptoms of ADHD?

Is ADHD real?

Can you outgrow your ADHD?

What is self-medicating?

What about Hyper focus?

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So October is ADHD Awareness Month but I have ADHD and a month is forever so instead I’m gonna try for ADHD awareness minute see if you can stick with me and go.
There are two main sub types the predominantly inattentive who are distracted daydreamer quiet lost and
thought and then the combined who are also restless talkative impulsive impatient poor listener driven.
The ADHD symptoms were first described back in the 1700’s and 1800’s I know the name keeps changing it’s about five to nine percent of kids four percent of adults the similar rates worldwide even in France.
It’s a neuro developmental disorder 79 percent genetics so it runs in families it involves the prefrontal
cortex and various other parts trying to synchronize it’s like an orchestra with no conductor and it involves dopamine and norepinephrine.
Adult ADHD symptoms include poor memory distractability lots on the go but nothing finished.  Problems
with memory paperwork procrastination anger emotionally sensitive physically sensitive. Tags on my shirts.
You don’t have to have all of the symptoms and nobody does.  A third of kids outgrow their ADHD but 2/3
of us are still struggling with ADHD in adulthood.
ADHD is well diagnosed in kids but 80% of adults have no idea or they suspect but they’re afraid to find out believe me you want to know.
By adulthood you’re probably already self-medicating with caffeine and nicotine or alcohol cannabis cocaine adrenaline risk-taking extreme sports addiction to the Internet sex shopping gambling.
It’s not just a deficit of attention sometimes we can hyper focus. It’s about executive functions planning
organizing prioritizing setting goals staying focused time management.  We know what to do we still can’t do it.
You want to know because undiagnosed ADHD and untreated you have higher rates of divorce car accidents bankruptcy dropping out addiction ER visits getting fired unplanned pregnancies being testedfor STDs
and suicide and I don’t mean like 3% higher I mean double triple quadruple the rate.
But only if it’s undiagnosed and untreated ADHD.  We also have much higher rates of depression anxiety disorders learning disorders dyslexia Tourette’s.
Hundreds of thousands of successful people have ADHD millionaires and even billionaires.
You’ll find a huge number of us in the high-pressure creative careers like sales the military emergency responders fire rescue police Wall Street Silicon Valley Hollywood sports.
What helps?  a holistic approach exercise coaching mindfulness meditation better diet the right job there are tons and tons of strategies on our website.
What makes the biggest difference knowing you have it believe me the diagnosis is a relief.
There was that a minute? no well not even?  did I mention we have trouble with time management if I didn’t it’s on the website.
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