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Why is ADHD Misunderstood?

There are numerous strategies for adults with ADHD and children with ADHD. But separating facts from myths, finding tools that work, and getting good support demands education. ADHD specialist Dr. Geraldine Farrelly reminds us to “Be hopeful. Never give up on your child. Never give up on yourself. It may be a long road, but you will get there.”
Dr. Farrelly talks about the importance of finding a community of like-minded people. Which is why TotallyADD.com has become so important to so many people.

Is ADHD Misunderstood?

Well I think it’s a mixed picture. It’s changing for the better in that that we have people recognize it. More people are recognizing it finally across the lifespan instead of ignoring adults with this disorder or the college kids who are suddenly away from the first time from home, and they were successful when they were at home, because then you removed the scaffolding and they fall apart.
Or the girls who were never diagnosed because again of being bright supportive families.
So in that way there’s a lot more  education more, there were no books even hardly available Dr. Mogudu my mentor actually was the first one I think to write ADHD book in the English language, and so there was very little information about it.
The information we had was pretty scary. So now that it’s one of the most researched diagnosis in the world that’s really helped and I’ve also had the opportunity to follow these children physically through their lifespan and see that they can grow they can develop and and they can have a good lifestyle, but you can also see the people who go in the opposite direction and that’s very sad and you know they have that lost potential and they fall in with the wrong peers. But I think not only has…

ADHD Misconceptions

So the rate, there is a dilemma here because we have more public awareness and we have more information and we have more people willing to diagnose or looking at diagnosing but we also have the media, in the same way can just as easily sell those myths about ADHD. You have you know somebody famous to come out against something or other and saying people shouldn’t be on medication. It’s very confusing for people or if people would say well if you just exercise enough or if you just stay off the sugar or you just you know just try harder. You know? Look at me I’m so great. That type of thing. I think that that still is confounding. You have to really think hard and long about whether you’re going to use medications or not but at least they have being had a proven track record over many many years and more and more research is going on, but some of these off-the-shelf things sometimes you don’t know what’s in them and you have a guru go through town and he’s making lots of money selling them.
Snake oil salesman, and so I think it’s confusing for parents who really really just want to do the best for their child, in the end. I would say be hopeful never give up on your child, never give up on yourself. It may be a long road but you will get there. There are many strategies that you can use. Surround yourself by positive peer group and never give up your dreams, and you will eventually be
happy and satisfied.
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