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Adult ADHD

Getting Help For ADHD

By Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Psychiatrist

In terms of finding help, I would start with a book and a friend.
So forget about the professionals at the start because …

Adult ADHD

ADHD and Procrastination

By Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Psychiatrist

Foreword by Rick Green:
Dr. Hallowell had a profound influence on my life for ten years, and then I actually got to meet him. You see, I had read every book that he had authored or co-authored about ADHD, so the opportunity to drop by his house and sit down and just listen to him was profound.

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Financial freedom from a frozen asset

By totallyaddauthor

In this video, Dr. Stephanie Sarkis talks about the challenge of ADHD and credit cards. Plus, ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell shares a simple secret to deal with ADD, impulse shopping, credit card debt, overspending, buyers remorse, and self-control. It involves a bowl of water. Intrigued? This simple strategy, a trick anyone can use, will help cut debt and overspending for adults, students, and seniors who struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and their finances.