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I have ADHD. Who should I tell about it?

ADHD: A Rick Green Sentiment I’m coping, everybody’s coping, and we can’t talk about it! Those early days, after I was first diagnosed with ADHD, were heady times. My first reaction was a mix of relief, excitement, and alarm. Bouncing between “This explains so much!” and ”What does it all mean? And I damaged? What […]

July 26, 2017 | 4:53 pm Rick Green, Founder of TotallyADD

I’m glad I know I have ADHD, but I’m not glad I have it.

By Rick Green A few months ago I blogged about those dark moments, when things would overwhelm me, and I wished I’d never been diagnosed.  “It would have been better to just carry on like I was.” That despair engulfed me when my best efforts, latest strategy, or brilliant new tool, would fail.  One step […]

July 17, 2017 | 1:55 pm Rick Green, Founder of TotallyADD

The Best Thing Anyone Ever Said About ADHD Medication

By Rick Green

I’ve stopped and started taking ADHD medication four times.

The first time I started was nearly 15 years ago.

The fourth time I started medication was yesterday.

Over the next month, I’ll tell the story of each start & stop. Each time I started was for a different reason. Each time I stopped was for a different reason.

But today, I want to talk about why I stopped taking medication the second time, and why I started again. Because it was the only time I succumbed to pressure and other people’s opinions.

July 12, 2017 | 9:00 am Rick Green, Founder of TotallyADD

5 Warning Signs That Could Be Your Tipping Point

Recently, I’ve noticed a pattern in my clients that I call the “tipping point”. The “tipping point” is basically a time in people’s lives when, for various reasons, the strategies they have been using to compensate for their ADHD challenges no longer seem to be working. This “tipping point” is often experienced along with feelings of overwhelm and chaos. Up until a “tipping point,” people have been able to balance known or unknown challenges with ADHD with strategies they may not have even realized they were using. Up until the “tipping point”, they had been able to adapt and cope well with their symptoms, even going as far as being under the radar for an official diagnosis of ADHD (in other words their symptoms were not interfering with their functioning). But for some reason a life change – it could be a job promotion, relationship change, a school change, or any myriad of different things – renders the current strategies ineffective and over time there is a sense that things are no longer “going well” and in fact, life seems to be falling apart in a big way…

10 Tips to Achieving Focus in Today’s Busy Workplace

1. Do The Impossible. People focus most intently when they take on a challenge, when they are working in an area where they are skilled, but where they are also stretched. Often, amazingly enough, what seemed impossible becomes possible. 2. Trust Your Way. Perhaps the single most clichéd song lyric ever…

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