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Every person with ADHD seems to have a unique combination of ‘symptoms’ or ‘challenges’. But there is one that almost every adult seems to struggle with: Sleeplessness.

We have trouble falling asleep. We have trouble staying asleep. And when it’s time to wake up and greet the new day? Forget it!

What’s going on, and why? Dr. David Pomery, who has treated over 2,500 folks with ADHD, explains what we are doing, and you may be doing right now, that is making it harder for you to do what your ADHD mind is already struggling to do, namely shut itself down and fall asleep.

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2 Responses to “Why can’t I fall asleep?”

  1. priestrada says:

    Totally me. I can’t fall asleep because I get extremely distracted with my phone. I stay on it for 2 or 3 hours after I tell myself “Okay, time for me to go bed.”

  2. synapses says:

    I just ordered the video. Dr. Pomeroy is a fantastic clinician with heart and soul for his patients. I will use this video with my coaching clients. Thank you.