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    I’m not trying to get too technical. My layman examples are simplified explenations that everyone who reads this forum can understand.

    I fully agree with you about doing research. I talked to Dr about side effects before taking any medication. His explanation was more or less as follows (DISCLAIMER). Drugs like Ritalin stimulate certain areas of the brain by increasing Seratonin and Dopamin. The increase in these chemical levels allow better access to information//functioning. of certain areas of the brain

    In layman terms- a 6″ pipe allows more water to fow then a 1″ pipe.

    Side efects are caused when areas are over stimulated by either taking too much of a drug or the drug is stimulating areas that do not require stimulation.

    Side effects can also be caused by drug interactions-MAOI’s is an example because it stops seratonin from breaking down. leading to very high levels of seratonin…

    In layman terms the 6″ pipe now is a 36″ in pipe and everything is flooded out and there is a problem in brain functioning

    Hence the proper dosage is important and should not be just gueseed at but determined thu DR supervised trails.

    I take a “Ritalin” medication and it has turned my life around. Yes I am lucky the medication is stimulating the right areas.

    I agree with your asessment about the pharmaceutical “industrial complex” They are not doing any favors. The local pharmacies are no better with markups up to 400% over their cost. The US government is not much help either.

    Drug prices remind me of the joke about devorce lawers– Why are divorce lawers so expensive— answer “because they are worth it.”-

    There are many variations to the basic “Ritalin medication” The basic chemical is the same but the rate at which they are absorbed in the body is different.-hence different pattents

    Best of luck to everyone….



    You should be going to a DR. Psychatrist speciallized in ADD/ADHD. Ritalin is a chemical that effects dopamine and seratonin levels in the brain. You are trying to get these checmicals to a proper level…

    My Dr had me try a 5 mg dose of Ritalin for 3 days. He had me come in and asked how I felt. He went over my blood pressure with me. He had me describe howI felt, what I noticed etc. I had great results. I asked for a timed release medication. Once again a week trial and a DR. Visit to go of my physical reactions. Then a month session and a revist on dossage.

    In addition there are possible drug interaction. All this you need to know about. Over the counter nasal decongestants can cause problems-MAOI inhibiters also work on brain chemistry — taking these together can cause problems…

    In conclusion Ritalin in its various forms is very safe.if taken correctly..

    Common houshold salt can kill you if taken in excess…

    It does take expert advise from a trained Physician to help you get to the propper dosage and delivery systems.. As you read fhese post you can get some ideas how people take “Ritalin” depending on what type of mental work they will be doing. Yes for math no for english or vice versa. Remember everyone brain chemistry is different there is no automatic answer.

    Good luck



    I beg to differ with you. Medicine is taken so you can controll yourself. IT DOES NOT CONTROL YOU. ADHD is caused by the chemical levels in the brain. Medication helps bring those levels to an acceptable level.

    If you have an ADHD brain then I doubt you are in controll- I know I have been there..I am no longer a slave to my unexplained anxiety, stress, inability to focus and carry on a conversation without changeing the subject.

    These types of comments do little but add to the misconception of ADD/ADHD..its a chemical imbalance in the Brain. No amount ot weekly therapy is going to solve your problen neither is snake oil etc. .



    yes you are over reacting. You should work with perscribing DR. to get the right dose…Ritalin type products are available in varous strengths and release mechanism–(how they are absorbed–rate wise)..

    My DR had me get a blood pressure monitor and had me take readings 2 weeks before starting medication. In this way he can help guage the effect.s I have a right bundle branch block, higher blood pressure on my right arm, Pre trigger —I have no problems in fact my heart is steadier on medication. High blood pressure down-115-119 down to 105 low from 55-65 up to mid 70’s..heart rate up from 55 beats to 70 beats per minute….

    It sounds like the Vyvance initial dosage was just to high…

    Good luck…



    Here are might thoughts on the issue..The best way to support your son (in my opinion-DISCLAIMER)

    #1. Is your son on medication… yes/no

    #2. If he is on medication is he getting them when he is with his father..

    Since you are now on medication you can realize the diferences it makes in your life and your ability to handle every day tasks.

    So I think the larger issue is not if your son stays x number of days with you or your husband it is in fact if he is getting proper medical treatment.

    I suspect that your son is not getting medication If your husband is not taking medication and is rejecting the diagnosis for your son. It starts to approach child abuse issues if he is not being given proper/needed medication for him to lead a normal life. Your child has a right to learn. His medications allow him to learn and prepare for the future. Please do not let his father deny your son that right. As always remember proper dosage is required not too much and not to little.

    Good Luck



    I think you should check out another DR who might be better acquainted with treating ADHD. also–Sorry to be so blunt.. I would not trust my marriage to A vitamin with l-methylfolate.

    Best of luck…



    I’m going to tell it like it is..I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. I also bought a bike. Now the bad news.Your wife is looking for a solution…She can no longer handle the impulsive behavior. She wants some light at the end of the tunnel. Doing some housework is not a sollution….

    My wife said to me “You don’t get it” she was absolutely right. I didn’t get it. I THOUGHT I GOT IT. She was thiniking about leaving after 19 years of marriage.

    I played WOW for 12 hours a day as a stress reliever..I became a non partner to her….My stress and anxiety was so great WE almost separated..I could no longer handle the daily stress/anxiety caused by ADHD.

    How could my wife not understand my stress—How could she not understand how important this stress reliever was to me….IT was my problem–and MY WIFE PAID THE PRICE FOR MY ADHD. (this became very clear to me after medication)

    The main problem is “YOU HAVE NOT GOTTEN IT FOR 43 YEARS”

    ADHD does that…I understand.

    Now the GOOD NEWS.

    You have to give your wife a reason for staying…My wife thought I might have ADD.. She suggested watching “Add and loving it”

    GET CHECKED OUT. If you have ADHD there is a solution for you and your wife..

    After getting diagnosed and my taking medication for ADHD her stress in her back and neck are gone. Her stress level has just about gone.

    She can count on me. I am a friend who can sit down and listen to her. We have reconnected emotionally.

    Your wife is looking for a solution., give her hope..

    Best of luck

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    Your daughter could be picking up on your ADHD traits/stresses. I know my grandkids walk on eggshells at times…”Mommy is going to be pisses” was my granson reply when some water got spilled.

    Now that you are on medicines and calmer your child is picking up on that peace and calmness. . Kids are resilient…The DR will be able to sort it all out.(ADHD or not) It will take a little bit of time..

    In the mean time enjoy the fact that you are on the road to recovery and that your daughter can be checked out…You are working toward the solution in the correct manner (my opinion-disclaimer)

    Good Luck


    Mystic Jay

    I too was treated for anxiety and depression with Prozac and anxiety Zanax . It helped very little. It was only after I was diagnosed ADHD and given a perscibtion that the lights went on and the stress and anxiety dropped to about zero… Also I am not taking Prozac any more.

    Most brain medication are site specific… Only trained DR’s specializing in the field should be consulted. If not you can get the snake oil/ 40 counceling answers.

    Good Luck..

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    Yes it exists. Ask my wife . She’s the one who sugested I had ADHD and needed help. I was diagnosed and on medication.

    We have our GOLDEN YEARS now.

    Find a good Psychiatrist who is in the field. No one can see in your mind..

    My old boss served in the army and then went back to college. In a couse he was having to take a professor said that things a person does not see don’t exist. His reply “so if I have a baseball bat in my hands and you have your back to me. And I swing and hit you it won’t hurt cause the bat doesn’t exist”–

    Prfofessor never bothered him again–he got the “A”

    Good luck

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    I would not beat myself up.. ADHD is a genetic condition and I would not try to relive the past. Work on the future. Since ADHD is genetic there is a high probability your daughter has it.

    My sugestions.

    I would explain to your x- about having been diagnosed with ADHD and that you are now on medication….

    (GOOD PART)…. He should see the change in your personality since starting medication…(you are not he same old “FLAKY YOU”

    Pleas eexplain to him that ADHD is genetic and there is a posiblity that your daughter has it also….

    Ask him to watch “ADD and loving it” .and talk to him about it. He should see some of the traits in your daughter (organization/clutter/inability to process verbal instructions. etc that you have noticed0..

    You might suggest to him to agrree to have her checked.BY A DR-SPECIALIZED IN ADHD… There is nothing to loose. If she has it she can be treated. If your daughter does not have it then all the better. Hopefully this will be a joint decision. ADHD is a family issue even if you are no longer married to each other..

    Having your daughter checked will give you peace of mind and greatly help any anxiety/guilt/stress you might have..

    If you check the formum you will notice that “WE” are resiliant.. Medication/counceling will help you deal with the difficulty of raising a child. Think of yourself as being “REBORN” enjoy your life and your future.I assure you it will be marvelous.

    Good luck on your journey



    WOW. Quick observation-

    I have ADHD and here is a super-quick response..and sorry for being blunt–also a trait. I am truly trying to help

    I get the impression from your message that your wife is very insecure. in-fact so insecure she is completely stagnated…Inferiority-insecurity breeds inaction. -No decision is better than a decision–In this manner she will never never be wrong..there is little risk-and she’s secure in her personal spot…..(Inaction is often associated with depression) Her attacking you appears to be her defense mechanism…

    I suspect that this mental stagnation has it’s roots in early childhood…and she might need Profession counceling by a specialist–just to get started on recovery (my thoughts -disclaimer)

    On a positive side..

    My wife sugested I watch-the program-“Add and Loving it”. We watched it together. After seeing the program we discussed its merits and she asked me if I related to the ADHD traits mentioned in program.

    I related–Thats me – I understand..

    next- options–

    Formal Diagnosis by a trained DR. IN THIS FIELD yes/no—- for me yes—

    After formal diagnosis–I had ADHD—

    new options— opened–

    Medication– option yes/no . This became an awareness problem..

    Was I aware my personality might change–yes–

    Was I aware that there could be side effects yes

    Was I aware that if I wanted I could stop medication and go back to the OLD ADHD ME YES

    So the medication issue became a “No Brainer”


    I am on medication-and I thank my God, Wife and DR.

    Please don’t give up.. This whole ADHD brain-is complicated-


    Good Luck on your journey

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    Amen- My mind surfed to fast also. Being impulsive and a hyper processor I blurted my truth also. Not always good to do this at work. It placed a large target on my back.

    Upper management loved me because I was so smart and hated me because I was so smart. I did not fit the corporate mold and was unpredictable.. I spent several years implementing data processing proceedures /organizing corporations and fixing job/employee responsibilities.

    When I did this I would only report to the CEO/president. My moto-“I can only have four of the five directors mad at me at one time.

    I was effective-but once finished-out of work..





    I also don’t hold a grudge. Although being impulsive my body signals/vocal outburst are quite strong and often missinterpreted.

    I am also a empath –I do not like anyone who gets pleasure out of hurting defenseless people or pester/torture animals . I have problems being around them. This is long term and does not change with time..

    My girlfriends daughter dated a guy who loved the sceen from a movie where a bird was put in a blender and it was turned on.

    He also loved to pester their small Maltese. I explained my feelings to the daughter and girlfriend It just wasn’t “That I just dind’t like him”. After several months the daughter ended their relationship. The best compliment the daughter gave me was “I now understand what you were trying to say”


    I was working in Spain at a paper plant. A second level director(finance-marketing) was holding a meeting for management. There was a large room with 8 large rectangular tables set up in a large rectangle. On the long side in the middle was one chair with a high back on it.

    With an ADHD impulse I moved that one chair three spaces to the left and replaced it with a common short chair. The rest of the attendies laughed. When the director entered the room he looked perplexed then sat in the middle in the short chair.

    Not smart but funny

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