Adult ADHD

ADHD and Transitioning Between Tasks

By Linda King, ADHD Coach

Brianna pointed. “As soon as dinner ends, you just start cleaning up! I don’t understand how you do it. I can’t go straight from dinner to dishes.” Dan was bewildered. To him, moving from eating dinner to cleaning dishes was natural. But to Brianna, it felt like Dan was blessed with a superpower.

Adult ADHD

What if ADHD is a Skill Set?

By Stuart Lloyd Cohen

Introduction by Ava Green, TotallyADD Co-Founder, “ADHD as a skill set” is a thought that Stuart Lloyd Cohen introduced us […]

Adult ADHD


By Team TotallyADD

My ADHD journey started just over three years ago in early 2017. I was having problems at home and at work with, as far as I was concerned, no identifiable reason, I just felt that something had changed in me.

Adult ADHD

ADHD and Low Self-Esteem

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

“I had goals and ambition and big dreams. But after so many setbacks, I’ve kind of given up. My self-esteem can’t take any more hits.” Sound familiar?

Adult ADHD | Rick | TotallyADD Blog

Is ADHD over-diagnosed?

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

‘Oh, everyone thinks they have ADD nowadays.  It’s over-diagnosed.  It’s the internet.  And cell phones.  And everyone’s trying to do 9 things at once.  Fifty years ago there was no such thing as ADHD.’