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Adult ADHD

Procrastination and ADHD

By Jeff Copper - ADHD Coach

Laura McNiven once wrote “You can’t treat ADHD through the lens of shame and blame”. I think that’s a really profound statement to remember, especially as you read this blog.

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Stop Procrastinating?

By totallyaddauthor

Financial paperwork. Legal documents. Old tax returns. Contracts. Shoot me now! I’ve had a month to locate and compile all the paperwork for my meeting this Tuesday. Tuesday is tomorrow. I started yesterday. And this is a victory over procrastination because normally I would have started looking today

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10 Tips to Achieving Focus in Today’s Busy Workplace

By Edward (Ned) Hallowell, Psychiatrist

1. Do The Impossible. People focus most intently when they take on a challenge, when they are working in an area where they are skilled, but where they are also stretched. Often, amazingly enough, what seemed impossible becomes possible. 2. Trust Your Way. Perhaps the single most clichéd song lyric ever…

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Procrastination is a Skill You Develop

By totallyaddauthor

Although I have a University degree in Physics, which I put to good use whenever the Science & Nature category comes up on a game of Trivial Pursuit, the fact is I actually have a Master’s Degree and a lifetime of personal experience in the field of Procrastination. You should see me in my graduation photo… which I’ll get done someday….