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The Power Of Teamwork

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

So I’ve been blogging about how I, an ADHD adult, managed to train for a 368 mile/6 day bike rally in less than three months. Bearing in mind that I was out of shape, didn’t have a bike, hadn’t ridden in years, and the other 190 riders had been training for 6 weeks.
I pulled it off using the same strategies I’ve used to manage and even master my ADHD…

Adult ADHD | Rick | TotallyADD Blog

Make Things Work For You

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

Once I’d committed to doing the rally, I started training. But I had to use a mountain bike with ancient knobby tires. Even adjusting the seat didn’t hide the fact that it was a girl’s bike.

Adult ADHD

ADHD Strategies

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

I had to break the bike rally into chunks. Manageable chunks.And since I didn’t own a bike, hadn’t ridden one in a decade, was out of shape, overweight and late to start the training regime, those chunks had to be very, very minute to be manageable.


Some Coaching About Coaches

By Team TotallyADD

The difference a Coach makes can be life changing. The best singers and actors have vocal coaches. The most successful business people have business coaches, though they may call them contacts, mentors, silent partners or advisors.

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I'm Right, and Everyone Else is Wrong

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

There are 7 billion people on the planet. None of them are living exactly the way I do. They don’t share the exact same beliefs about everything, or the exact same interests. And since I always do what I think is right, that makes them, everyone else wrong. Am I right? Of course I am.

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The ADHD – Tennis Matrix

By Team TotallyADD

When I was about 45 I took up tennis. More or less by accident. We had bought a timeshare at a place in Florida for the winter. To keep busy while we were there, I took a one-hour tennis lesson every morning—it was a workout AND entertainment AND added knowledge. Multi-tasking!


Quiz for Idiots

By Rick Green - Founder of TotallyADD

This is the quiz I want to give people when I hear them spouting nonsense. I mean, yes, I love all people dearly. And yes, I was just as uninformed at one point. Or probably I was, I don’t remember much beyond last week. And OK, this is more of an emotional rant than a quiz but…

Comedy + Holidays

Jimi's first blog (and Happy Thanksgiving…)

By Team TotallyADD

Tomorrow is Thursday, just an average, everyday Thursday in Canada, but for the United States it is Thanksgiving. I figure I should acknowledge it since over 300 million people are celebrating it… Which means that there are millions of people in the US that are celebrating Thanksgiving AND have ADHD.

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Best Before Date

By Team TotallyADD

By Carter Hammett, Ever since 1840 when the American Census first included a question on idiocy/insanity, mental health professionals have […]