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1 – Q: How can I see ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! again?

A: If you live in the United States or Canada, you can see ADD & Mastering It! if your local station is running it during a pledge drive.  If not, you are able to purchase both ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! in the new Totally ADD Shop.


2 – Q: Can ADD & Loving It?! be seen on TV other than PBS in the U.S.?

A: Currently, no other broadcasters have even been willing to watch either program let alone consider broadcasting it.  If you would like to see it on television in your country, please send letters to your local broadcasters and let them know about ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It!


3 – Q: Where do I get a diagnosis for ADHD in my area?

A: Please visit our Links page for a list of advocacy groups and other helpful websites.  Totally ADD will soon have a directory of health professionals available as well.


4 – Q: Where can I find a support group in my area?

A: Check with others in Totally ADD Connect and our Forums.   If you don’t see a mention about support groups, post the question yourself.


5 – Q: Where can I find a coach in my area that is reputable?

A: Check our Coach Directory for ADHD coaches that are certified.


6 – Q: Where can I get those great ADHD T-shirts Patrick and Rick are wearing?

A: In the Totally ADD Shop you can buy your very own ADHD Rock Star t-shirt!


7 – Q: Will someone from Totally ADD be speaking in my town?

A: If you want to schedule us to come to your area, please Contact Us and make a request.


8 – Q: Are you a front for some big Pharma company?

         A: I wish! Then we could afford to dress better. And I wouldn’t be driving a 5 year old Prius. Totally ADD is owned by a private company – Big Brain Productions Inc.  ADD & Loving It?! and Totally ADD were paid for with money from the Global Canwest Television Network as well as government funding from the Canadian Television Fund, Ontario Media Development Corporation and Ontario Tax Credits.  Since launching in 2009, the site has been managed and paid for by Big Brain Productions Inc. through sales of videos on PBS and this website.  In the Videos section you will find a series about medication.  This series of videos are the only thing on the website which were paid for by Pharma companies and explain why there are different medications available and how each medication works.  We thought it would be fair for them to pay for that and all four pharma companies in Canada chipped in.

9 – Q: Who the heck are you people?

A: Rick. Jimi, Pamela and Ava are the production and operations leads here at Big Brain Productions. Patrick and Janis McKenna are featured in our specials – ADD & Loving It?! and ADD & Mastering It! Dr. Jain offers a medical perspective and scientific credibility. Our friends Andy and David from Cyberwalker media handle web development along with Steve, Duane and Amelia Rose. (Everyone should have a web designer as a friend. It used to be you wanted a doctor in the family. Today you want a web developer.) And of course we have scores of production specialists who’ve made the videos with us. And dozens of great experts who’ve appeared in the videos.

         Rick Green is the face of the website. And possibly the neck and shoulders. A comedian since birth, he was diagnosed with ADHD in his mid 40’s. Since then he has been working to get the truth about this ‘disorder’ out into the world.

10 – Q: How come I never heard of you before?

         A: Before ADD & Loving It?! and Totally ADD (created in 2008/2009), Rick and Ava created comedy television series in Canada.

11- Q: Where have you been all my life?

A: Well, Ava was primarily a television editor and in the past 8 years also a Producer. Rick is a comedian who writes, acts, directs and produces. With 700 radio and television episodes to his credit, and countless stage productions, he brings a lot of expertise in production. Jimi was a student who came here for an internship, and refused to leave.  Pam is a friend and talented artist who is just too great to have locked in a room with paints all the time.

12- Q: How did you get so many experts to talk to you?

         A: By promising to tell the facts, to not sensationalize, to make sure our videos contained solid, scientific, evidence-based facts. And even then it was tricky. The title of our first film, “ADD & Loving It?!” scared some doctors. It upset viewers too who thought we were going to dismiss ADHD as a gift. But what was great was that it drew in a lot of viewers who really had dismissed or minimized ADHD, because it sounded like we were going to say we love our ADHD. What they didn’t notice was that in the title there was a question mark. Followed by an exclamation mark. As in,”What the…?! Loving it? Are you kidding me?!” I cannot tell you how many people say our program has completely transformed their beliefs. Or rather shot down their beliefs and replaced them with an understanding of the facts.

13- Q: I have so many questions, how can I find answers? It’s overwhelming!

         A: Start with some of the videos. Dip into the Forums and Connect. If you like what you see, become a Member. It’s free. Check out the videos in the section about The Emotional Journey.

14 – Q: Can you tell Patrick and Janis McKenna how much of a difference they’ve made.

         A: Sure. Post it in the Forums and we’ll make sure they see it.

15 – Q: This information is saving lives! How can I give back?

A: It’s easy! Just click on the yellow Donate button at the top of the page. Or click here. Thank you for your support!

16 – Q: I’m not comfortable donating online, is there another way?

         A: Yes, you can send a cheque or money order directly to Big Brain Productions Inc./TotallyADD, PO Box 33598, Dundurn RPO, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. L8P 4X4

17 – Q: Can I help in ways that don’t involve money?

A: For sure. Just be active on the site. Help others. Ask questions. Subscribe to the newsletter. Outside of TotallyADD spread the word. Use what you learn here to educate others and tell . When they ask, “Oh yeah? Where did you hear that?” then you can send them here. As well you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and share what we put out, so other adults will recognize something, “I do that… that’s ADHD?” and they’ll come looking around. You can submit videos to the Flash Mobs we are creating. Book us to do a workshop in your town or at your company. And seriously, think about the yard work. It’s good for you. Get’s you out in the fresh air…

18 – Q: Is it okay to send my kids here?

         A: No, we already have kids… Oh, you mean to the website. Yes, I would say so. Teens for sure. This is a site for adults with ADHD, so some of it simply won’t apply to kids. When you’re 10, issues like bankruptcy and divorce are not on your radar. Unless one of your parents has ADHD, in which case you might be dealing with it.  I would recommend they see the Bill’s ADDventures. And most of the Expert videos and Straight Answers are PG. The Rick’s Rants… Ned Flanders might find some stuff troubling. Short answer, yeah.

19 – Q: Is it okay for forward stuff to friends who could use this information, or to people who have been dissing me and dismissing ADHD?

A: Yes, if it’s free and on this site, please do. That’s the point! Even better, send them here and let them explore. They will be drawn into this ongoing ‘conversation’ about what ADHD is, and how it can be managed, and even, perhaps, turned to ones advantage.

20 – Q: There’s so much to learn. Where do I start?

A: I’d start where we did, with our documentary ADD & Loving It?!  There is a reason this program has won awards, critical acclaim, and had a two year run on PBS. It answers all the questions we had when we first found out. It also dissolves the fear, offers hope, and takes away the huge weight that comes when you first find out there’s something going on and you think, “My brain is broken. Or damaged. Or something bad.”

21 – Q: Do people ever get mad at you having fun while talking about ADHD?

A: I hope so. There is so much fear, stigma, mythology, prejudice, close-mindedness, superstition and nonsense being peddled by scam artists and cults that I hope we upset them all.

22 – Q: What do you say to people who are offended by your style and tone?

A: I say, Booga Booga! They deserve to be offended. We all need to be offended at different points in our lives. It’s good for us. At one point people were offended that slaves wanted freedom. Men were offended that women wanted to vote. Being offended is good if you’re wrong. If you’re right, being offended by ignorance and stupidity is good, as it motivates you to change things. Right now there is a great deal of ignorance in the world about ADHD. The reason why is a long one, and every side can take some blame. The point is, this is a mindset, it causes problems, if you know it’s there you have a fighting chance, and with the right strategies you can soar, but if you don’t know it will destroy every aspect of your life. And it’s never too late.

23 – Q: Is it true that despite the upbeat and entertaining style, this site is in fact full of reliable, scientific information that is presented in a lively, upbeat way that works for people with ADHD? And the information and human stories behind the entertaining style is so life-changing, even life saving that it can free people who have been working their hearts out all of their lives, and never succeeding in the ways they always felt they might?

A: Yes.

24 – Q: Was that last question one you made up just to talk about yourselves in a good light?  A: Possibly.  (Blush) Do you forgive me?  Q: Possibly.