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    Well, your doctor is probably not up to date on the latest ADHD research. A lack of understanding of what ADHD is believed to be is the only thing I can think of that would cause him to say it’s not permanent.

    Yep, and I was gonna say a bunch of the what sdwa said. But I like her version of the facts I wanted to say. Thanks for the work of writing all that gal. 🙂

    The second time I wanted to go back on ritalin (generic) I think the final decision may have been up to my GP doc. N he said I had to decide between Ritalin and Wellbutrin, and he said it was because Wellbutrin can work like a stimulant. If he had not been such an excellent doc in many other ways I would have fired him that day.

    It’s also true that peoples needs change over time, and as they mature. Even an ADDer can eventually grow up. And I don’t mean to say we just need to mature… that’s just fukin dumb!


    Lot’s of the problems and struggles I have are about me growing up. Not just ADHD.

    So heck, there’s hope gang!. Especially when you depend on more than just medication to unlock that magnificent brain of yours.

    Peace and long life.



    A friendly reminder…

    Remember, meds for brain issues work differently in each person, so what works for someone else might not work for you.

    Before making any changes, be sure to talk to your doctor and/or pharmacist.

    I was taking 300mg of Wellbutrin (generic works fairly good, better than nuthin) But I had much much worse insomnia. So I’m doing well on just 150 a couple times a day. Sometimes less.

    Both my doctor and my pharmacist agree with me that it can act like a stimulant in a some cases. I’m proof. In fact my GP doc may not be the best authority on that med. My pharmacist, I do trust. He takes the time to talk about how meds are working, as well as just filling bottles of pills.

    P.S. part of the reason I quit coming here so much was because the same person was always correcting and commenting on everything. So I got tired of scrolling past.

    yeah yeah, I know… I really just don’t like being corrected… AGAIN.

    If lot’s of doctors hear patients say a medication works like a stimulant, they ignore what the freaking Internets says and go with what works best for an honest patient.

    PPS don’t believe everything ya read on the Internet. Heck even a clown like me.


    Yep yep, @blackdog I agree with the stuff about the Leaves we miss/don’t see, or mebby they just get lost in the fall. I’ve been pondering on this ‘Leaves on trees’ perspective. N it’s fun.

    I really like to hibernate this time of year. I wonder what colors I turn into before I fall off?, and in some magical way get reborn each year on the same tree I was snoozing under all winter… :0)

    I wonder if some folks get raked up and then ground up into some organic mulch or compost product they sell at nurseries?… lol. I don’t really understand this new part of the analogy I just came up with…, I’m just sitting here snickering, smiling n writing.




    Good topic @sar316

    The need for communication is not unique. I bet you know this deep down, but your need for a particular kind may be. And that’s okay 🙂 We ADDes just think different.

    In a single word the reason a lot of us struggle is fear. Often fear is a result of our amazing imagination, in which I’m grateful for (the imagination). Usually a fear is (false evidence appearing real) or at least the intensity of the fear is based on my magnifying mind… And unresolved conflicts from previous relationships.

    This is my long answer to why a lot of us avoid the all terrifying act of communication. It’s scary cuz I have struggled like crazy with communication. And I’m an ADDer so I can really really chat you guys!. I’m an expert at “beating around the bush”. Especially when the “bush” reminds me of some other long ass story… n so-on.

    Now I’m gonna read the rest of the replies n finish my post. N try to keep it short.

    I don’t know why communication is so difficult

    MmHmm, me too @shutterbug55 . It still scares me, but it soooo pays off when I just walk right into n through that fear. And it’s been a painful and long learning process, I’m far from done with. I can relate to a lot of what ya say.

    I have realized that normal people only ever see leaves. I am a problem solver. I very much understand that big leaves or commonly occurring leaves are attached to a twig, that twig is attached to a branch, which is attached to a bigger branch and that branch is attached to a huge freaking tree.

    @sar316 Wow!, what a totally ADDers way to see things. We see the tree, the linear thinkers see just a leaf. Cool analogy. (or parable mebby? I’m no English major) I can really relate to a lot of your stuff too. Sometimes folks just need someone to listen, but I sometimes jump in n say “here I come to say the daaaay” (I say this to myself as I pretend to change into my suit with the big S ) But it just frustrates some folks. ADD or Linear. Because they just need a pair of compassionate eyes, a closed mouth, n both ears really listening. And even more difficult is to be able to repeat back small parts of what they’re saying to help them when they pause, n start to forget (like us) and it also shows em we’re  truly listening.

    I think maybe sometimes this is a control issue. But DGMS.

    Oh yeah, on your last paragraph about feeling like you’re on/from another planet, me too. But I’m willing to believe we’re all from the same place, just way freaking different sometimes. Most of the people I consider friends are either diagnosed ADD/ADHD, or need one!. These friendships are so very valuable. I feel blessed.

    Some folks actually are toddlers emotionally. Heck partner, I used to my life in eternal toddlerhood. Fortunately I’m a fairly mature teen at 49 years. I think maybe a lil compassion and patience, and you can have some level of friendship with them. And I don’t think you sound horrible. Honesty, even if the brutal can’t be avoided is GOOD. Sometimes in hindsight we hear an eco of what we said and only after a lil more life experience do we see we could have been sorta wrong. Mebby. Or could have found a more gentle way to say what we needed to say.

    A long time ago some old wise person told me that all relationships get to a certain level. Some grow, some don’t. The point was to accept whatever level any given relationship gets to. If you’re married, it’s likely to be a 10. Some of the idiots we work with are 1’s n 2’s. Just accept it.

    I bet you will attract people who can communicate, and see life the same way, and on the same level. It’s been happening to me lately, and I’ve been alone, and very lonely for much of my life. Much less lately, and largely because of coming back and reading… tons and tons of reading here. And other places, like my Bible and plenty of other good books.
    N watching the videos if I can’t seem to be able to read some days. N just for fun. Rick is a real funny dude. They’ve got some excellent videos by psychologists, and if you’re real good at surfing TotallyADD, you’ll find webinars! (I think there’s a place to find all the old ones).
    Take it easy.


    Hey @loveofmustangs it might help you to know that wellbutrin is actually a stimulant medication. It’s a good idea to ease off the methylphenidate slowly of course. But I bet you’ll find the wellbutrin can help a lot. I’m still taking it 🙂



    Hey, what a cool thread. I’m just checking in to let you guys know I’m still alive n kickin. Also, I’m very stoked to find fun reading that I can really relate to.

    Hang tough you guys.


    in reply to: Classic ADD moments #122104 |

    I just found this reply that I forgot to post on some other forum (here). I just found it while opening a new word document for some other project that I forgot now that I’m here reading about all you goofie peoples funny mini adventures, that I can relate to (that’s why they’re so funny to me)

    Great topic, huh you guys?

    I was reading about using a timer and realized I could use the timer on my little toaster oven (maybe just in the winter when it’s cold) I don’t struggle with being late anything at all like I used to. It feels like a huge victory too… it’s still possible for me to end up running late. Especially if I do anything that sounds like I’m bragging. But I can honestly proclaim myself to be “prompt” and even have displayed the ability to shut up and listen in social situations recently.

    It’s almost a dang miracle!. Nearly…
    Hmph! Grammarly doesn’t think “dang” is a word.

    Yes indeed, I’m even letting Grammarly nit pick on each and every one of my posts here and on facebook. It can be a little bit annoying because I have to look up things like “conjunctions”, but I’m slowly and surely learning a few more of the and outs of writing, and doing it a little bit more correctly… more or less… (&)

    PS I just checked out the “Snorgtees” link and they’ve got a lot of cool shirts. So take a look and remember that when you click on the links here at TotallyADD you help them to send some cash that helps pay the kind folks that work so hard to keep TotallyADD alive. Now smile and grin like a fool.

    PPS This next thing is copied from somewhere At TotallyADD, (I think…) I copied it because it made me grin and laff like a fool.

    “You may just be a restless, impatient, anxious, driven, mercurial, moody, forgetful, distracted, motor-mouthing, mind wandering, space cadet who never finishes anything, can’t do paperwork, doesn’t listen, and self-medicates with caffeine, cannabis, and cigarettes”.

    PPPS  And this line from sdwa made me crack up

    That is not an ADHD moment, it’s an ADHD afternoon!. 

    in reply to: what are our need #121928 |

    what do we need ?????

    To make a personal commitment to come back at least 3 days a week and check in on this thread just to at least drop a short line to report progress made.

    what do we want??????

    To see other folks I’m familiar with doing the same, and to encourage them. Encouragement is an excellent new habit to practice because providing encouragement to folks with the same crap ass malady as me will encourage me to 0ver come it. 🙂 It’s a team thing, we’re a team. We’ll be successful as a team!.

    and what do we know??????

    I/We know that it’s been almost 2 years now that I’ve been working on learning to live with my little collection of ADHD characteristics. And I’ve found that I actually like me more than I have in the past, much more!. I may not like the way the world perceives me, but I also know that the world is just plain wrong about h0w it sees me. And lot’s of the folks around this camp see me as a decent dude who’s got a reasonably good chance at having a successful life.



    in reply to: Spectating Sports #121596 |

    This is a test, to see if this web site is working yet…


    Mhmm, yep, I haven’t done too badly on facebook. But haven’t done twitter at all. I think the reason I haven’t goofed up badly on facebook is because I get all the impulsive ideas out of my system here first!. lol.

    So thanks for being so patient with me gang. 🙂

    This thread reminds me of just how grateful I am to have found TADD. It’s a great community to have done some of my growing up in.

    I look foreword to many more years of growing up here. And I don’t expect to ever become anything like a perfectly grown up man.  I do feel grateful for the progress I’ve made, that’s for sure.


    Right arn Larynxa! Good job 🙂


    Sounds like ya already got all the key advice here. My only other ideas are for you to be sure and get some slow burning carbs and definitely a good dose of protein for breakfast. When I tried Ritalin I started at 5mg and stayed there. I only felt a lil bit “high” about the first 2 or 3 times I had taken it. And I know taking it on an empty stomach made a difference. Later I took it on top of a good dose of just cereal with protein powder in it. Or at the very least a tall glass of milk.

    I bet it’s easy enough to just break one of your 10’s in half. This is not an anti-psychotic or anything. So heck gal, just cut back for a few more dosages, and remember not to drink any coffee with it. I can also tell you that when I was taking Ritalin (I took Methylyphenidate, the generic stuff) I was a lil bit more quiet. Less talkative, not a huge difference, but not more talkative by any means. Consider the possibility that you may not be taking the right medicine if you keep getting “chatty”.  I had a tendency take my time and I actually thought a lil more before I talked.

    When I took it I was already taking Wellbutrin. Now I just take the wellbutrin, and I take less too.

    When and if it’s the right medicine at the right dose, you won’t feel like you’re on any medication at all. The goal is to be much more like you, the real you. But organized a lil bit more right? 🙂

    I have not heard many cases where addiction became an issue for the folks that come and report about stimulant meds here. I guess it’s also possible that the “Dope Phens” are off getting high and don’t care enough to bother posting about it. It’s a risk your doctor is willing to take though. I bet the fact that you’re talking about it here, and telling the whole truth is a sign that you’re not in danger of running into problems.

    Hang in there, and maybe consider keeping some kind of journal for yourself. You’re doing great! I bet this is gonna get easier for you pretty dang quick!



    Looking foreword to the pictures Larynxa, sounds fun!


    Hey yeah!

    put some playing cards in your spokes.

    sounds like a fun way to “motor along” I think all of our generation remembers “motoring along” with cards in our spokes..

    Brakes are boring! 😛  It’s more fun to just get sideways when I want to slow down. I gotta do whatever I can for excitement these days.  We all do what we can right?

    Yep, Benny Hill style sounds like fun.

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