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Doctor Jain explains where a person with ADHD falls on the continuum of personality traits known as Impulsivity and Compulsivity. Or Extrovert and Introvert. Or ‘Heart’ people and ‘Head’ people.

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14 Responses to “Impulsivity vs Compulsivity”

  1. scott93063 says:

    I would like to show this presentation to my doctor. We’ve had discussions about implusive and complusive behavior. Is there any way that the slides could be posted as a powerpoint presentation? So, we can discuss during my next appointment. Thanks.

  2. Rick says:

    ‘Fix’ might be the wrong word. It suggests something is broken. You’re at the end of a spectrum in terms of impulsivity. A tall person is at the end of the spectrum of height. They don’t fix their height. They make adjustments to compensate for the problems it causes and hopefully also use it to their advantage when it is an advantage.

  3. BreeW says:

    I remember taking a “test” in junior high and I was an “extrovert” and I belive that I was very much a “heart” child but as adults too many “funny looks” have made us “try and fit in ” so I understand why now I seem to be more on the “introvert” side. but I do have serious “impuse control” issues thatI am trying to “fix”

  4. Hania says:

    Wow. This was very helpful and gave me a LOT to think about.

  5. mrdudeuk says:

    But then again, overthinking is my major bag too, maybe i should be writing this in a thread in your forums, but still relates to vid…

  6. mrdudeuk says:

    This is so on the money, totally vibe with this and the traits, funnily enough had a very close friend who was on the other side and now sorta realise why they interacted in the way they did, to dr j, do you think the complusive are more inattentives form add or is that a completely different kettle of fish, the anxiey, over thinking, freaking out in social events with lot of peps they don’t know ?

  7. Tim says:

    BTW, Dr. J. I’m really looking forward to your next episode. Hint.

  8. Tim says:

    This was interesting as far as it went but I too found it a bit confusing. However, a few moments with a famous search engine coughed up this page which augments Dr. J’s comments.

    And there’s a lot of interesting stuff about personalities at There’s also enough there to waste a whole day at work if you want. 🙂

  9. Jean says:

    I became confused as well.

    I do remember a lot of my early childhood, but fact remains that I have some very strong traits at both sides.

    It may be a good idea to follow TADD’s advice. =)

  10. fleetgurl2 says:

    I agree with u Jetro this confused me , I have symptoms on both sides. I cant write to much without sounding crazy to myself but I have been told time and time again I have anixety and depression but disagreed ….after years of going no where I am looking into ADD/ADHD with a pro I have alot of questions and my childhood isnt easy to remember and i dont have anyone around that remembers me when i was young so how do i figure out the answers to those questions? the doc needs to know too and i dont know what to tell him….oh the rambelings of an adult with add…..

  11. TADD says:

    Hi Jetro! Would you like Dr J to respond to your question? If you do, could you please post it in the Ask An Expert section of the Forums? Thanks!

  12. jetro says:

    This confused me. I have symptoms on both sides. I have been tested and have ADD. Could I have something else. Need help comment please.

  13. serenity says:

    That was extremely helpful for me. It explaines me to a tee! I have ADHD, Bipolar, Bulimia (non-purging type) and I have often thought I have borderline traits. This explains why because I have a propensity to impulsivity.